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WASING 800D Tactical Vest 6 pocket Tactical SWAT


Quick release buckle for wearing
Made by high density nylon material
Velcro patch can be attached on the vest
This VEST only for Cosplay and decoration
PVC for maximum durability, light weight, heavey duty
Fully adjustable in size with velcro attachment on two sides and shoulder of the vest body
Perfect for paintball, war game and other outdoor activities Including all pouches and
accessory holders shown in photos

1.back MED pouch.
2. Pistol magazine pouches, one with big velcro for ID card.
3 .buckles and adjustable shoulders with 3 adjustment straps on
Color: Khaki, ACU Camo, AT Camo, FG Camo, CP Camo, Woodland Camo, Black, Green
Size: 19.3 Tall x 19.3 Wide(inch)(At widest point)
Weight: 1.25kg
Package Contents:

1 X Tactical Modular Style Vest ONLY FOR GAME PLAY AND Decorative function. ....read more

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