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SHTF Survival Water Purification Emergency. 25 Tactics for


SHTF Survival: Water Purification Emergency.

25 Tactics for Water Filtration and Purification

When the stuff hits the fan it is not going to be a pleasant experience. Have you ever wondered how you could purify water without power and without a clean water source to begin with? Well, look no further than this book.

In this book, you will find twenty-five different ways to purify water that include using common tools and equipment, chemicals, and filtration. Most of the different ways to filter and purify water use items that you can find around your home, and some of the methods are store bought tablets and tinctures specifically made for water purification that you can keep on hand.

Some topics covered:

• The importance of purifying your water.

• Where you can find water that is suitable to purify.

• Methods to purify water without chemicals.

• Methods to purify water with chemicals.

• Methods to purify water using filtration.

Knowing how to purify and filter water in an emergency situation can be the determining factor between life and death. Humans cannot even eat without water; therefore, it is imperative for survival. The aforementioned methods can be used in conjunction with one another to obtain the purest water possible, and should be utilized when available.

Remember, an emergency situation can happen to anyone at any time. The future is unpredictable, and having this knowledge will benefit everyone.

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